Replanting the Wild Woods

The Brick Box provided a packed programme full of after dark adventures and spontaneous happenings in the autumn of 2016 and the spring of 2017 in the temporary space of a former department store on Darley Street in Bradford.

The people of Bradford and beyond were invited to explore this once familiar clearing, transformed into an enchanted forest where the creative spirit of Bradford grew free.

Now, the spirit of the Wild Woods will be replanted in The Brick Box Rooms – a new space on Ivegate a short walk from the former Wild Woods. Expect a continution of all the light installations, live art, DJs, bands and solo artists you saw at the Wild Woods, as well as things to touch, see and do.

The Brick Box Rooms will open for a debut weekend on 13th and 14th of October from 6pm until late. There will be projections and activities in the street for the River of Light festival, and then dancing in the new space until the early hours.

More about the venue launch

More about the River of Light festival

Previous events


Events at the Wild Woods have now finished. We’re continuing our events at new space The Brick Box Rooms.

Venue launch 13th and 14th October

River of Light festival 13th and 14th October

Get Involved

In all of our programming, we actively look to work with Bradford-based artists and doers of things, because this is your space as much as it is ours.

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The Wild Woods venue was located at 16 Darley Street, Bradford, BD1 3HL
The Brick Box Rooms will be location on Ivegate BD1

The Brick Box

What’s the point?

The Brick Box have a considerable amount of expertise in animating public spaces to great delight and measurable economic benefit.

We work on stimulating and supporting the leisure and night time economies in areas that suffer from complex challenges.

We boost these economies by programming quality accessible arts and cultural activities. Our placemaking strategies involve multiple stakeholders who have been a key driver in the transformation of many of the locations in which we have worked. As an example, during our Brixton Village Market project, we played a pivotal role in reinventing an ailing market as a popular leisure destination.


The Wild Woods project in Bradford served to create measurable signs of economic growth and social cohesion leading to increased confidence and creating a sense of possibility for the future.

We promoted a clearly branded offer that targeted city centre visitors with high quality activities which had a broad appeal.

The programme focused on Friday evenings which augmented and supported other activity to help establish a new ‘sense of place’ and possibility in the city centre, which increased confidence and started to change negative perceptions.

Plus, it was a laugh!

Download the Wild Woods evaluation report (PDF)


Who We Are

The Brick Box is an arts organisation and Community Interest Company founded by Eleanor Barrett in August 2010, with the mission to create art, love and magic for everyone. Our work brings people together to share creative experiences and invites people to see things differently


We are passionate about meeting new audiences, particularly people who do not ordinarily engage with the arts.

We enjoy creating powerful juxtapositions through eclectic programming, imaginative contexts and unusual locations.

We value hidden voices and seek to find creative ways to hear, honour and amplify them.

We build local pride from the ground up and ensure that we always celebrate local people and assets as well programming national and international artists at our events.

To date, The Brick Box has provided:

  • 30 internships
  • 200+ volunteer placements
  • 250+ people with part and full time employment
  • 300+ businesses with increased profiles and profit
  • 4000+ artists and organisations with paid work
  • …and engaged with hundreds of thousands of audience members and participants

The name ‘The Brick Box‘ came from a box of bricks, Plasticine and broken toys that Eleanor had when she was young. Every playtime it transformed into a different world: one day a high street, the next day the cosmos. It is this creative alchemy that continues to inspire The Brick Box.

Find out more about The Brick Box.


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